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Premier's NAIDOC Award winner!

Congratulations to AOGP's Dr Kali Hayward, who won the 2015 SA Premier's NAIDOC Award!

The award recognises the outstanding achievements and contributions of an extraordinary South Australian whose service and contributions have had the effect of making a significant difference to the life and welfare of Aboriginal people in South Australia.

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Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-16

AOGP is proud to launch its second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). See more information about AOGP's journey towards reconciliation, and view our second RAP.

All the latest information about the competitive tender process, from Dr Tim Kelly, AOGP CEO.

14 September 2015

There has been much uncertainly regarding the GP training tender and timelines.

AOGP is now able to confirm that whilst we were deemed eligible for funding, we are not at this stage, the preferred GP training provider for SA in 2016.


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AOGP is putting better doctors into our community.

"For us it's not about exam preparation and passing the exam; that's not what we do. We train them to be the best GP they can, to serve their community and learn how to keep improving for the rest of their life."